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The Open Atlas Trading Company is a small project with a simple purpose: connecting people around the globe in a mutually beneficial market place. We partner with small businesses or organizations who create outstanding traditional products but lack access to those who would most appreciate the quality of their work. In connecting people, we’d like to do more than create transactions. We want to let our partners tell you their stories, show you something about who they are and what they create, and give you the opportunity to support and participate in these projects.

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For more than a century, Northeast India’s Darjeeling District has ranked unquestionably among the world’s premiere tea growing regions. Cultivating distinct strains of Camellia sinensis var. sinensis, the tea gardens of Darjeeling’s green and dramatic hill country produce fine teas with light and uniquely aromatic characteristics.

Though the tea industry remains the region’s largest source of employment, it rarely offers those who grow, harvest, and produce Darjeeling’s most valuable export a viable source of income. The average Darjeeling tea worker brings home a meagre 95 INR (less than $1.50) a day. Additionally, the area’s independent farmers have few options for selling tea leaves grown on their own lands. Lacking the necessary equipment to craft finished teas, they generally sell fresh leaves at under market prices to larger, leased tea gardens headquartered hundreds of miles away in cities like Kolkata and New Delhi….

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Niroula’s Orthodox Black Darjeeling Tea

In the world of tea growing, the term Orthodox describes teas harvested by hand and processed to preserve whole, small leaves plucked from the tips of the bush. In the foothills of the Himalayas, Niroula’s Tea Farm produces premium Orthodox teas on Darjeeling’s only locally owned tea farm. In addition to maintaining the highest standards of quality, Niroula’s proudly offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy Darjeeling teas grown by dedicated, independent farmers on their own lands and prepared in the finest methods of time-tested tradition.

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Niroula’s | 05.31.16

Last week Darjeeling tea expert and environmental consultant Harish Mukhia came to visit Niroula’s. In recent years, Mr. Mukhia has worked hard to draw attention to the region’s growing problems of soil erosion and deforestation.


Darjeeling Tea Clones | 05.28.16

Nearly two years ago, we expanded our sapling nursery with the planting of 10,000 cuttings of five top Darjeeling tea clones including B157 and AV2…


Niroula’s Wish | 05.27.16

Here at Niroula’s we wish to cultivate the highest quality. The world of tea culture is large and growing still…


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